Quality Built from
the Ground Up

JDM ensures the highest quality to create a better product.

Exceptional From Start to Finish

Designed in a factory-controlled setting with quality grade lumber, JDM Modular homes feature a disciplined selection of materials and quality control. We ensure the quality of your new home through thorough inspection. Each board used during construction is examined and stored in a moisture-controlled area. Each step of the process is controlled by a job site director who is present throughout the entire building process.

You design the roadmap; we follow it to the letter.


Construction Standards
and Benefits

Going modular is not only an affordable option to design a quality home, it is also a great option for your heating bill and the environment. Our two-part adhesive bond that follows the entire length of the stud and vertical sheathing seal of air infiltration cavities and prevent drafts. What it means is your new home is more energy efficient than homes built on-site. In addition, all scrap wood, sawdust, and vinyl material are recycled through a local business partnership. Part of our mission is to build quality structures while staying environmentally conscious.

Built to Last

One of the significant advantages of going modular is in the controlled construction environment. We use techniques like hinged trusses that fold down during transport and snap back up for installation and blocking behind walls for extra support needed for mounted televisions or handrails. Quality and strength of materials is vital to keeping your future home in good condition for years to come.