From Breaking Ground to Occupancy

Find relief from long lead times with JDM.

Efficient Turnaround

One of the number one question on the top of new homeowners’ minds is “How long will the timeline be to complete my modular home?”

There are several factors that go into what your lead time might look like. From establishing your timeline and obtaining all essential permits needed to build to the size and model of your new home, your timeline will depend on several factors.

One of the main perks of building a modular home is how efficient they are to build. Our Climate-controlled environments help builders minimize weather-related delays which helps to cut lead times and keep costs lower.

Affordability is about sustainability and completing the project on time and within budget. Generally speaking, a traditional home takes 12-15 months to build from the ground up. In contrast, a modular home usually takes 7-10 months.