Our Process

Get Your Order Underway with JDM



Choosing the right piece of land is an important first step toward the completion of your new home. Roads leading to your lot need to be at least twenty-five feet wide, with no tight curves or severe slopes. We will also need to know about any obstacles such as power lines or large, low-hanging tree branches which might interfere with our delivery vehicles.

If you are unsure about a certain property and need help deciding among a handful of possibilities, contact us to discuss your options or to arrange a site visit. Depending on our availability, we would be happy to help you in the decision making process.

This is also a good time to have the topographical and geotechnical surveys performed by local third-party engineers, as these are necessary before we can proceed.


Financing & Site Visit

If financing is necessary, we highly recommend talking to your lender first. If you need assistance finding a lender who is familiar with the construction of modular homes, we are happy to give you some recommendations.

A typical project does begin with a site visit. A representative from JDM will meet with you at your lot and evaluate the project’s general feasibility. We will review your budget and discuss what you want in your new home.



The next step of our process is code and zoning research. Once we have an introductory set of drawings, we run the job through our estimating department. At this point we are making assumptions about specifications and finishes because your final material choices will not be finalized till later on in the process. This initial cost estimate will include numbers for site preparation and foundations and basement or crawl space. The estimated cost should be close to your final price, but your choices during the next phase and any unforeseen requirements in the permitting phase can necessitate changes.

Once we have an agreed design, and a comfortable estimate for the price of your home, the next step is to sign a second contract with you for the engineering, detailing, and specification phase of the project. This allows us to draw up the architectural details and interior and exterior elevations of the home, finalize the design of the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the mechanical and electrical systems, and put together an engineering package.


Construction & Specifications

During this phase you will visit us to discuss and decide on your specifications. This is an incredibly exciting stage, when JDM will assist you in making the many important decisions that will personalize your new home. Wall colors, floor coverings such as hardwoods or stone floors, tiles, bathroom fixtures and appliances, your heating and a/c system, built-in furniture, even door handles and electrical are chosen at this time. Once your choices are made, your sales price will be adjusted to include any changes or upgrades selected during the final specification process.

With all decisions made we can then finalize the engineering documents and construction drawings and pull in bids from local contractors for the portion of the work that must be done in the field.


Delivery & Move In

The modules will be delivered and assembled once the foundations are in place. We connect the utility lines, sewer or septic, perform some interior touch-ups, apply the exterior cladding material and install the heating/AC appliances. Depending on the configuration of the home they may also need to install some flooring and/or the kitchen cabinetry. Approximately 4-6 months from the setting the foundations your home will be ready for handover, depending on the size of the home and complexity of the design. Congratulations, at this point your new home will be ready and waiting for your move-in day!