Stylize Your Home

A Custom Fit

While not classified as a “custom home” JDM modular homes have a unique and a popular way for people to pick and choose what they love about their home. Several standard designs exist with a range of features that can be customized from interiors, fixtures, flooring, roofing styles and more.

Make decisions on the framework and layout of your home to meet your preferences and the needs of your property. With more than 100 floor plans to choose from, you are able to select one that fits your needs. Keeping in mind the flooring of your liking, the trim, and your overall desired style for the finished product will be helpful with decision making. You design the plan and we follow it to your liking!

From the placement of your garage to the location of certain structural beams and railings, our thoughtful designs ensure that your new build meets your specific needs.

Materials & Details

Exterior Doors

Embrace the power to customize your home with a wide range of color and style combinations. Strong and reliable, our fiberglass doors are built to protect against rust and dents, while steel doors boast a 20 minute fire rating and are proven to defend against warping, rotting, cracking, and denting. All of our exterior door options are ready to be painted whatever color matches your home and come in a variety of styles, including panel and decorative glass options


Fiberglass Entry Door

  • Standard
  • 2-Panel Square
  • 2-Panel Arched Plank

Fiberglass Entry Door with Clear or Divided Lite

Fiberglass Entry Door with Single Sidelite

Fiberglass Entry Door with Double Sidelights

Fiberglass Entry Door with Element Glass Antique Black Caming

  • Single of double sidelite available

Heritage Series Fiberglass Door

Standard with Dentil Shelf

Metal Service Door with 20-Minute Fire Rating

  • Standard
  • 2-Panel Square
  • 2-Panel Arch
  • 2-Panel Arch Plank
  • 3-Panel Craftsman

Patio Doors

Illuminate your world with natural light while shielding your home from the sun’s heat and filtering out 95% of the harmful UV rays. Open your patio door easily with dual ball-bearing rollers for easy access to your favorite place to lounge. Unique Anderson locking software secures the doors tightly and helps keep your doors and home safe from harsh winter weather and intruders.


200 Series Patio Doors with Low-E Glass

  • Standard
  • 6 Color options available
  • Colonial Grilles
  • Prairie Grilles
200 Series Patio Doors with Low-E Glass ISPD Hinged
  • 3 exterior color options, all interior sides are white
  • Clear Glass
  • Colonial Grillies
  • Prairie Grilles
  • 4 Hardware Options
Silverline Vinyl Low-E with Argon Gas Patio Door
  • Colonial Grilles
  • Prairie Grillies
  • 4 external color options
  • Color matched hardware
400 Series Doors with Low-E Glass Frenchwood Gliding
  • 4 external color options
  • Clear Glass
  • Colonial Grilles
  • Prairie Grilles
  • 4 hardware choices
400 Series Doors with Low-E GLass Frenchwood Hinged
  • 4 external and color options
  • 4 internal finish options
  • Clear glass
  • Colonial grilles
  • Prairie Grilles
  • 4 Hardware choices

Interior Doors

Compliment your beautiful new home with perfectly matched interior doors. With several design and color options, you can choose a style option that fits the tone of your home.


Painted Polar White

  • Standard
  • Caiman 2-Panel Arch
  • Carrara 2-Panel
  • Santa Fe 2-Panel Arch Plank
  • Craftsman 3-Panel


  • Flush Birch Veneer
  • Flush Oak
  • 6-Panel Oak
  • 15-Lite Oak

French Doors

  • 1-Lite Frosted Prime
  • 15-Lite Primed
  • K-Bark Blank

Barn Doors

  • Matte Black Close Track
  • Brushed Nickel Close Track


Looking for a way to cut back on your electricity bill? Double-hung windows seal out the weather for greater comfort and efficiency. Choose a color and style option to compliment your home, then enjoy the peace of mind knowing our windows require virtually no maintenance and tilt in for easy cleaning.
Anderson 200 Series Windows with Low-E Glass
  • 2 exterior color options
  • 2 interior color options
  • 2 Lock & Keeper Finish Options
  • Standard
  • Colonial Grilles
  • Prairie Grilles
  • Equal Lite Grilles Available
Silverline Vinyl Windows with Low-E Glass & Argon Gas
  • 5 interior/exterior color options
  • Standard
  • Double-Hung
  • Colonial Grilles
  • Prairie Grilles
  • Equal Lite Grilles
Anderson 400 Series Windows with Low-E4 Glass
  • 5 Exterior Color options
  • 2 Exterior/Interior Matching color options
  • 2 interior color options
  • 4 lock & keeper finish options
  • Standard
  • Colonial Grilles
  • Prairie Grilles
  • Equal Lite Grilles

Flooring & Decor

Give your feet an upgrade with soft new carpets. If carpet is not your style or you are looking for something more modern or rustic, try floor tiles or planks! Click locking, these pieces fit together to create a clean, beautiful look.

Finishing touches make all the difference. Make your home complete by updating your door knobs and hardware. Splash a new coat of paint on the walls or stain on the floor and watch a room change completely. With endless possibilities and combinations, your home is a canvas and you’re in the designer seat.

True Spirit 40 oz
  • Lady Liberty 502
  • Concrete 507
  • Truffle 701
  • Cottage 705
  • City Spaces 511
Shake-It-Up Solid 25 oz
  • Forever Pewter 710
  • Cement 510
  • Breeze 111
  • Beech 112
  • Morning Latte 732
Shake-It-Up-Accent 25 oz
  • Burnt Ash 500
  • Salt & Pepper 501
  • Fox Fur 102
  • English Oak 700
  • Weathered 101
  • Creamy Silk 100
  • Bits of Brown 200
  • Daytona Sand 105
  • Oxford 512
  • Tree Bard 706
Shake-It-Up Tonal 25 oz
  • Dolphin 520
  • Ornamental Gate 122
  • Hammerhead 521
  • Barely There 720
  • Owl 121
  • Stucco 112
  • Rodeo 710
  • Magnolia Bloom 120
  • Balboa Mist 128
  • Silversmith 501
Vinyl Floor Tile
Luxury Vinyl Click Lock Floor Tile 12×24
  • Oyster 1010
  • Milan Grey 1102
  • Dolomite 5131
  • Pebble 1009
  • Ash 1008
  • Cobalt 5062
  • Bardiglio 5133
  • Pearl 5064
Vinyl Floor Plank
Luxury Vinyl Click Lock Plank 9×59
  • Reclaimed Pine 166
  • Misty Oak 5008
  • Reclaimed Pine 166
  • Distressed Pine 164
  • Wye Oak 5004
  • Salvaged Pine 554
  • Silver Oak 5003
  • Antique Pine 5006
  • Charred Oak 5009
  • Chestnut Oak 5010
  • Ravine Oak 798
  • Shawshank Oak 169
  • Forest Pine 812
Interior Decor
Interior Locks Tustin Lever
  • Satin Nickel
  • Venetian Bronze
  • Matte Black
Interior Locks Halifax Lever
  • Satin Nickel
  • Venetian Bronze
  • Matte Black
Door Hardware (Available in Satin Nickel, Bronze, Black)
  • Passage Pocket Door Pull
  • 2-⅛” Finger Pull
  • Privacy Pocket Door Pull
  • Rigid Door Stop
Interior Trim
  • Wide Casing 11/16” x 3-¼” (white)
  • Wide Base 9/16” x 5-¼” (white)
  • Narrow Casing 11/16” x 2-¼” (white)
  • Narrow Base 9/16” x 3-1/4” (white)
  • Craftsman Casing 11/16” x 3-½” (white)
  • Craftsman Base 9/16” x 5-¼” (white)
  • Narrow Casing 11/16” x 2-¼” (poplar or oak)
  • Narrow Base 9/16” x 3” (poplar or oak)
  • Wide Casing 9/16” x 3-½” (poplar or oak)
  • Wide Base 9/16” x 4-½” (poplar or oak)
Crown or Chair Rail
  • Crown 3-¼” (white)
  • Chair Rail 2-⅝” (white)
Hand, Stair, Shoe Rail, and Fillet
  • Handrail 1.75” (poplar or oak)
  • Handrail 2.75” (poplar or oak)
  • Stair Rail 1.25” (poplar or oak)
  • Stair Rail 1.75” (poplar or oak)
  • Shoe Rail 1.25” (poplar or oak)
  • Fillet 1.25” (poplar or oak)
Stair Railings
  • 2 styles available in poplar or oak
  • Poplar Sandalwood
  • Oak Sandalwood
  • Oak Walnut
  • Poplar Gingersnap
  • Poplar Hazelnut
  • Behr Pro PR310 Dead Flat Interior Paint
  • ProMar 200 Zero VAC Flat Interior Latex Paint
Closet Shelving
  • ClosetMaid’s Shelf and Rod
Drywall Bullnose
  • No-Coat ¾” bullnose
Cased Openings
  • Standard (Square)
  • Easy-arch true elliptical archway


Bring personality to every room of the house with your choice of lighting fixtures. Whether you plan to turn your dining space formal with a chandelier or even elevate your kitchen with under cabinet lighting, your choices turn up the brightness and show off the place you call home.

LED Undercab Lighting with Bottom Edge Molding
Pendant Light
  • 1701 (Nickel, Bronze, Black)
  • Cimmaron (Nickel, Bronze)
  • Bristo (Nickel, Bronze)
  • Natalie (Nickel, Bronze, Black)
  • Burbank (Black)
  • Natalie (Nickel, Bronze)
  • Bristo (Nickel, Bronze)
  • Cimmaron (Nickel, Bronze)
  • Main Street (Nickel, Black)
  • Burbank (Black)
  • Clifton (Matte Black & Nickel)
  • Ivey Lake (Bronze, Nickel)
  • Ashford (Bronze, Nickel)
  • Natalie (Bronze, Nickel)
  • 8111-MB (matte black)
  • 1491-MB (matte black)
  • Burbank (matte black)
LED Light
Bedroom Lights
  • 4603 (Nickel, Bronze, Matte Black)
  • 2152 (Bronze, Nickel, Matte Black)
Entry Foyer Lights
  • 3234 (Matte Black, Nickel, Bronze)
  • 3231 (Bronze, Silver)
Bathroom Lights
  • Franklin (Brushed Pewter, bronze) (2 or 3 bulbs)
  • Cimmaron (nickel, bronze) (2 or 3 bulbs)
  • Natalie (nickel, bronze) (2 or 3 bulbs)
  • Burbank (matte black) (2 or 3 bulbs)
  • 8112 (Matte black) (2 or 3 bulbs)
  • 1492 (matte black) (2 or 3 bulbs)
Exterior Lights
  • Devens Powder Coated 2651 (Bronze, black)
  • Powder Coated 2512 (Bronze, black)
  • Powder Coated 2661 (Bronze, black)
  • Barkeley Powder Coated 2601 (Bronze, black)


If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen: cooking, eating, cleaning, and entertaining friends, you should design it in a way that you love! With a large selection of cabinets, stains, and colors, you can grow one step closer to having the kitchen of your dreams! More than a place to store utensils, specialty cabinets elevate your kitchen and give it personality.

  • Florence Raised Panel (Oak, Maple, Cherry)
  • Cambridge Flat Panel (Oak, Maple, Cherry)
  • Savannah II Flat Panel (Maple, Cherry)
  • Clayton Raised Panel (Oak, Maple, Cherry)
  • Fremont Flat Panel (Oak, Maple)
  • Henning Flat Panel (Oak, Maple, Hickory, Cherry)
  • Florence Oak
  • Cambridge
  • Savannah II
  • Clayton Oak
  • Freemont
  • Henning
  • Painted
  • 9 Oak Stain Finishes (Savannah II not available in Oak)
  • 11 Maple Stain Finishes
  • 11 Cherry Stain Finishes
  • 9 Paint Options
  • Standard Overlay ½”
  • Full Overlay 1-¼”
Special Cabinets
  • Tilt-down tray
  • Double pull-out waste container
  • Pull-out shelves
  • 3 Drawer Stack
  • Pantry
  • Oven Cabinet
Knobs and Pulls
  • BP53702G10 (Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, champagne bronze, black bronze)
  • BP53700G10 (Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, champagne bronze, black bronze)
  • BP29355G10 (Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, champagne bronze, black bronze)
  • BP29340G10 Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, champagne bronze, black bronze)
  • 5001-96-SS (Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, champagne bronze, black bronze)
  • 5002-T-SS (Nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, champagne bronze, black bronze)


With plenty of options to choose from, you can design the kitchen you’ve always wanted! With granite countertops, high-quality appliances, and decretive backsplashes, you can mix and match to your heart’s content with so many ways to create your kitchen.
Laminate Countertops
  • Butterum Granite
  • Belmonte Granite
  • Mocha Granite
  • Perlato Granite
  • Elemental Concrete
  • Basalt Slate
  • Argento Romano
  • White Ice Granite
  • Quartzite Bianco
  • Crema Mascarello
  • Classic Crystal Granite
  • Silver Flower Granite
  • Fantasy Marble
  • Antique Mascarello
  • Dolce Vita

Formica Countertop Edge Profiles

  • E-Top 2000 Edge
  • Amore Edge
  • Aegean Edge
Granite Countertops Level I
  • Bengal White
  • Azul Platino
  • White Sand
  • White Ornamental
  • Double Diamond
  • Concrete
  • Peppercorn White
Granite Countertops Level II
  • New Venetian Gold
  • Caledonia
  • Steel Gray
  • Capri Gray
  • Castillion
  • Umber
  • Clamshell
  • Atlantic Salt
Granite & Quartz Edge Profiles
  • Eased
  • Waterfall
  • Bevel
  • Ogee
  • Crescent
Solid Surface Countertops
  • Volcanic Ice
  • Arctic White
  • Milky Way
  • Arctic Granite
  • Tambora
  • Ripe Cotton
  • Gray Granite
Solid Surface Edge Profiles
  • Eased
  • Roman Ogee
Solid Surface Integrated Sink
  • Solid Surface Double Equal Bowl
  • Solid Surface Single Bowl (arctic white, ivory white, cream, almond)
Formica Surface Mount Sink
  • 4-Hole Stainless Steel Double Equal Bowl
  • Edgewater Stainless Steel Single Bowl
  • Hartland White Enameled Cast Iron Double Equal Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Double Equal Bowl E-350
  • Stainless Steel Double Equal Bowl E-550
  • Stainless Steel Single Bowl E-540
Formica Undermount Sink
  • Quartz Double Equal Bowl (black, gray, concrete, white, bisque, brown)
  • Quartz Single Bowl
Formica Apron Sink
  • Josephine Fireclay
  • Josephine Fireclay Double Bowl
Granite/Quartz Undermount Sink
  • Stainless Steel Double Equal Bowl
  • Stainless Steel Single Bowl
  • Quartz Double Equal Bowl
  • Quartz Single Bowl (black, dusk gray, white, putty, greige)
Granite/Quartz Apron Sink
  • Gwen Fireclay White
  • Crosstown Stainless Steel
  • Basket Strainer/Disposer Flange (Stainless Steel, brushed stainless steel, oil-rubbed bronze)
  • Strainer (brown, bisque, white, concrete, gray, black)
  • Flange (Brown, bisque, white, concrete, gray, black)
  • Stainless steel basket strainer (white, putty, greige, black)
  • Stainless steel flange (white, putty, greige, black)
  • 440 (chrome, stainless steel)
  • 9178 (arctic stainless, venetian bronze, chrome)
  • 9113 (arctic stainless, matte black, venetian bronze)
  • 9159 (black stainless steel, chrome, arctic stainless, matte black, champagne bronze)
  • Delta ShieldSpray
  • White
  • Biscuit
  • Warm Gray
Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • White
  • Black
  • Stainless Steel
Vent Hood
  • UVW8301SLSS (stainless steel)
  • JVE5301FJDS (black slate, stainless steel, black stainless)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Black
  • White
  • Black
  • White
  • Stainless Steel
Kitchen Disposal
Ice Maker Hook-up for refrigerator

Bath & Shower

Picture the end of a long day and coming home to a nice, warm bubble bath. Sit in your whirlpool tub and let your stress melt away. Look up at your freshly tiled walls and the trim complimenting it. Simplistic and luxurious, design your own personal escape in your new home.

Vanity Sink – Top Mount
  • Maverick I 3-Hole, 4” Spread
  • Barrett 3-Hole, 4” Spread
Vanity Sink – Undermount
  • Acrylic Sink
  • Porcelain Oval Bowl
  • Porcelain Wave Bowl
Vanity Sink – Integrated
  • Single Vanity (arctic white, ivory white, cream, almond)
Marble Vanity Tops
  • Wave Bowl (antique white, sterling gray, white on white, pebble creek, cloud, blizzard)
  • Oval Bowl (antique white, sterling gray, white on white, pebble creek, cloud, blizzard)
Lavatory Faucet
  • Classic (Chrome, Stainless steel)
  • Woodhurst (stainless steel, venetian bronze, chrome)
  • Kayra (stainless steel, matte black)
  • Lahara (chrome, stainless steel, champagne bronze, venetian bronze)
  • Trinsic (chrome, stainless steel, matte black, champagne bronze, venetian bronze)
  • Pedestal Sink
  • Standard
  • Framed Mirror
  • LED Mirror
  • Frameless Mirror – Oval with Beveled Edge
Bath Fan
  • Flex Series 70 CFM Exhaust Fan with Light
  • Broan Powerheat-80 CFM 1300-Watt Heater Exhaust Fan with Dimmable LED
  • light with color control
  • Flex Series 80 CFM Exhaust Fan with LED Light Clean Cover
  • Broan LoProfile 80 CFM Ventilation Fan
Chrome Bath Accessories
  • Contemporary Paper Holder
  • Contemporary Towel Holder 18”
  • Curved Shower Rod 5’ (brushed nickel, old world bronze, brushed gold, black)
  • Woodhurst Bath Accessories (stainless, venetian bronze)
  • Kayra Bath Accessories (chrome, stainless, matte black)
  • Lahara Bath Accessories (stainless, venetian bronze, champagne bronze)
  • Trinsic Bath Accessories (stainless, venetian bronze, matte black, champagne bronze)
  • Alto 1.28 Elongated Toilet
  • Alto 1.28 Elongated Smartheight Toilet
  • EZ Close Premium Plastic Elongated Toilet Seat
Grab Bars
  • Available in 24”, 36”, 42”
  • Tub/Shower with Curved Chrome Shower Rod
  • Semi-Frameless Tub/Shower Door (obscure glass, clear glass, rain glass)
  • Garden tub with curved chrome shower rod
  • Classic Monitor Tub & Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel)
  • Woodhurst Tub & Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel, venetian bronze)
  • Kayra Tub & Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel, matte black)
  • Lahara Tub & Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel, champagne bronze, venetian bronze)
  • Trinsic Tub & Shower Trim (chrome,venetian bronze, champagne bronze, matte black)
  • Low-walled bowed-front soaking tub 5’ (white, biscuit)
  • Roman Tub 6’ (white, biscuit)
  • Acrylic drop-in bathtub round 5’ (white, biscuit)
  • Acrylic drop-in bathtub 5’ (white, biscuit)
  • Classic Roman Tub Trim (chrome, stainless steel)
  • Woodhurst Tub Trim (chrome, stainless steel, venetian bronze)
  • Kayra Tub Trim (chrome, stainless steel, matte black)
  • Lahara Tub Trim (chrome, stainless steel, champagne bronze, venetian bronze)
  • Trinsic Roman Tub Trim (venetian bronze, champagne bronze, matte Black, stainless steel)
  • Shower with Chrome 3500 Shower Door (white, biscuit)
  • Shower with Chrome Hinged Shower Door (white, biscuit)
  • Classic Monitor Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel)
  • Woodhurst Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel, venetian bronze)
  • Kayra Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel, matte black)
  • Lahara Shower Trim (chrome, stainless steel, champagne bronze, venetian bronze)
  • Trinsic Shower Trim (chrome, venetian bronze, champagne bronze, stainless steel).
  • Handheld Shower ILO Standard Shower Head (chrome, stainless steel, venetian bronze, champagne bronze)
  • Walk in shower
  • Walk-in-shower/shower pan (white, biscuit)
  • Walk in shower/slide-bar hand shower (chrome, stainless steel, bronze, champagne bronze, matte black)
  • Tiled Shower/Shower Pan
  • Tiled Shower/Essence Frameless Shower Doors (chrome, nickel, black)
  • Tiled Shower/Encore Frameless Shower Doors (chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin black)
  • Tiled Shower/Linea Frameless Shower Screen (chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, satin black).
Shower Tile
  • Classico Shower Tile (Beige, Light Gray)
  • Maximus Shower Tile (Carrara, Calacatta)
  • Valentino Shower Tile (Camera, Lights, Legend, Action)
  • Corner Shelf for tiled showers (white gloss, sand, gray, oil-rubbed bronze, stainless)
Tile Edge Trim
  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Bronze
  • Black


Consistent and reliable, trust that your roof, siding, and structure will keep you safe and free from worry during inclement weather. Hit refresh from the outside in with vinyl options made with quality materials and a variety of colors to choose from. Choosing our products means choosing durability, low maintenance, and energy efficiency. For your peace of mind, fix up your roof with a set of shingles sporting a lifetime limited warranty and 10-year algae-resistance warranty. Ready to dream beyond home maintenance? Add some space, light, and character into your attic or upper floor with a dormer and change the look and feel of your home from the outside in.
  • Cobblestone Gray
  • Georgetown Gray
  • Colonial Slate
  • Moire Black
  • Weatherwood
  • Pewter
  • Heather Blend
  • Burnt Sienna
  • Hunter Green
  • Resawn Shake
  • Driftwood
Vinyl Lap Siding
  • Oak Harbor Vinyl Siding (White Birch, Graphite Gray, Soft Willow, Warm
  • Sandalwood, Meadow, Twilight, Sunny Maize, Artisan Clay, Java
  • FairField Vinyl Siding (heritage red, hampton blue, canyon brown, gray flannel)
  • ProSpan Vinyl Soffits (white, desert sand, pebblestone clay, musket brown, black)
  • Aluminum Soffit (terra bronze)
  • Fascia – Aluminum (white, black, desert sand, pebblestone clay, musket brown, terra bronze)
Window Lineals
  • Homex Siding Accessories
  • Style A
  • Style H
  • Style FG
  • Style J1
  • Style J2
Vinyl Shakes in Gables
  • Novikshake RS8 (cedar blend, traditional blend, weathered blend, heritage red, warm sandalwood, sunny maize, white birch, hampton blue, twilight, slate blue, graphite gray, canyon brown, java, artisan clay, gray flannel, countryside green, soft willow, meadow)